TAG Diving provide reservoir servicing and maintenance with strict hygiene standards on all types of potable water storage reservoirs, from small plastic to steel, concrete and lined tanks including:

  • Reservoir Cleaning
  • Leak detection and repairs (internally and externally)
  • Inspections internally and externally
  • ROV inspections
  • Reports

At TAG Diving our equipment (including dedicated potable dry suits and full-face masks) has been developed to provide fast, efficient cleaning times, that minimise water wastage, and provide clients with a 100% cleaning outcome guaranteed. Due to the limited access on many older tanks we have streamlined much of our equipment to provide divers a safe and compliant ingress and egress from confined space access. Tanks can remain online to prevent any downtime for our customers.

Reports of all findings relating to water quality, security, WH&S and structural issues are available to clients with a secure personal login via an online data base format that is multi layered to suit different areas of management.