Water reservoir with new safety platform area | TAG DIVING

Platform Renovation

Providing operators a safer work environment as well as ensuring all reservoirs were sealed from contamination entering the water supply. ClientCouncil water reservoir Project DescriptionPlatform…

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Aquapost installation in a reservoir|Tag Diving

Aquapost Replacement

TAG Diving installed a new purpose built, stainless steel Aquapost to replace a heavily corroded galvanised centre post in a 12m deep reservoir. ClientCouncil water…

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Installing Bird proofing

Reservoir Birdproofing

TAG Diving were tasked with the bird proofing of a local council reservoir. ClientInverell Shire Council Project DescriptionBird proofing reservoir SkillsCuttingDrilling Equipment / ResourcesInflatable boatStainless…

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TAG Dive team co ordinating installation of FRP post bases into water reservoir | TAG Diving

Reservoir Post Replacement

TAG Diving needed to remove 9 heavily corroded 12m high aluminium posts from a reservoir that had to remain full of water and online throughout…

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Leak detection and repair - potable water reservoir | TAG Diving

Leak detection

TAG Diving were recently contracted to identify and locate a leak in a potable water reservoir. ClientParkes Shire Council Project DescriptionLeak detection and repair SkillsDiving…

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Raw Water Dam

Reservoir screen cleaning

TAG Diving were called out to provide emergency assistance recently to help unblock the outlet screens in a raw water dam suppling the WTP with…

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Pipework Leak Repair

TAG Diving recently provided a client with an innovative solution to a leaking internal pipe penetration. ClientCouncil water reservoir Project DescriptionSeal up a leaking, redundant,…

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