Providing operators a safer work environment as well as ensuring all reservoirs were sealed from contamination entering the water supply.

Council water reservoir

Project Description
Platform renovation and repair

Working at heights
Cutting, Welding, Grinding

Equipment / Resources
Crane Lift
Fall Restraint Systems
Aluminium treadplate

The old platform consisted of a heavy entry hatch, unsealed areas and minimal areas for operators to work safely. The newly renovated aluminium platform provides operators and divers a safe work environment to set up and move around. The new handrail system means operators have a workable area without the need for fall arrest systems.

The old entry hatch was constructed from heavy gauge galvanised steel that was unsealed and extremely heavy to open. A new light weight aluminium hinged entry hatch was installed. This hatch provided a fully sealed access point that included hand grabs on the underside for use when divers or personnel need to access the internal ladder.

During renovations the old ladder system was removed and replaced with a new FRP ladder.

The old inlet cover was unsealed, allowing contaminants to enter the water supply. A new hinged aluminium box was constructed in its place. This new box was fully sealed and lockable.

        20 years of experience working on and in potable reservoirs enabled TAG Diving to identify and provide its clients with another “watertight solution