TAG Diving recently provided a client with an innovative solution to a leaking internal pipe penetration.

Council water reservoir

Project Description
Seal up a leaking, redundant, internal inlet.

Plastic welding
Underwater drilling

Equipment / Resources
Nemo underwater battery drills
Plastral plastic welder
HDPE pipe

The challenge was to seal up a redundant internal inlet that was leaking around both the internal pipework and inside the pipework under the tank itself.

TAG Diving with the support from the local operators decided to weld up a HDPE cap on site to cover the inlet internally. This would ensure the pipework would be fully sealed.

A dive was needed to measure up the inlet and a cover was then fabricated and welded up on site from HDPE. After disinfecting the HDPE cap the diver then installed it over the inlet and dyna bolted it to the floor.

The leak took up immediately enabling council operators to excavate and replace the pipework.

        20 years of experience working on and in potable reservoirs enabled TAG Diving to identify and provide its clients with another “watertight solution