TAG Diving were called out to provide emergency assistance recently to help unblock the outlet screens in a raw water dam suppling the WTP with water.

Council water reservoir

Project Description
Inspect and clean two screens in the raw water reservoir supplying the WTP with water.

Underwater cleaning
Underwater Photography

Equipment / Resources
Nemo battery grinders
Wire brush

TAG Diving responded within 4 hours to a request in rural NSW that the Water Treatment Plant (WTP) pumps were continually tripping out on overload and the plant was running out of water. TAG Diving arrived on site that afternoon. A diver entered the water to assess and rectify the issues.

With the help of Nemo and their innovative range of battery tools, the TAG diving team were able to clean both screens within minutes. Once the diver had finished, the pumps were then turned on and water again flowed freely back to the treatment plant.

        20 years of experience working on and in potable reservoirs enabled TAG Diving to identify and provide its clients with another “watertight solution